Energy Quote

It is time, as a matter of pride, as well as a matter of national security, for the United States of America to lead the world in the energy revolution, and not lag behind Japan or Germany.

Senator John Kerry

Hydrogen Vehicle

A Brief Description:

An automobile which uses hydrogen as its primary source of power for locomotion. These cars generally use the hydrogen in one of two methods: combustion or fuel-cell conversion. In combustion, the hydrogen is "burned" in engines in fundamentally the same method as traditional gasoline cars. In fuel-cell conversion, the hydrogen is turned into electricity through fuel cells which then power electric motors. With either method, the major byproduct from the spent hydrogen is water that can move also a micro-turbine.

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Hydrogen Economy

A Brief Description:

A hydrogen economy is a hypothetical future economy in which energy, for transportation and electrical grid load balancing, is stored as hydrogen. A hydrogen economy is desired in order to solve the problems of energy supply and the ill effects of using hydrocarbon fuels.

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Fuel Cell

A Brief Description:

A fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device that produces electricity from external supplies of fuel (on the anode side) and oxidant (on the cathode side). These react in the presence of an electrolyte. Generally, the reactants flow in and reaction products flow out while the electrolyte remains in the cell. Fuel cells can operate virtually continuously as long as the necessary flows are maintained.

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